Water in the air makes good air

Nano water ion is a kind of active water purification molecular group with affinity skin and negative electricity.

Clean air

In addition to haze, PM2.5, harmless decomposition of harmful substances, sterilization, in addition to odor

Remove aldehyde

Formaldehyde and VOCs are decomposed into CO2 and water to remove odor and smoke


Kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens, etc., the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%

Health care

Rich in active hydroxyl, it can improve blood circulation, promote sleep

Keep fresh

Moisturize and keep fresh, decompose pesticide residues deeply, sterilize and remove peculiar smell

Personal care

Moisturizing, repair skin, skin health more luster, closed hair scales, anti-static, hair silky more toughness

Technological innovation, purification and upgrading

Just to bring a cleaner environment to every family

  • XINGQINano water ion technology
  • space=1m2
  • time=120minutes
  • Sterilization rate* In the air99.99% 95% of Nozzle, seat ring
  • OtherNano water ion technology
  • space>=17L(0.017m2)
  • time>=120minutes
  • Sterilization rate*
    > More than 90%
  • OtherMost of other
  • /
  • /
  • Can't be purified

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Hangzhou Xinqi Technology Co., Ltd., founded in December 2015, is a high-tech enterprise invested and incubated by Hangzhou branch of Zhejiang Qinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute. The R & D team comes from the alumni group of Tsinghua University, with five doctors and 15 masters. We are committed to becoming a high-quality brand of nano water ion technology and a global comprehensive service provider of clean air technology.
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